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How To Prepare Your Home For Winter


Learn how to prepare your home for winter.

We are at the beginning of November which means winter weather is on its way and can potentially damage your home.  It is critical to go through your home and make sure it is ready to stand up to the frigid conditions of winter.  The last thing you want is a frozen pipe bursting in your home or clogged gutters seeping water down the sides on your home causing damage to the foundation.  Luckily, there a few simple ways to prepare your home for winter so you and your family will be comfortable and safe throughout the season.

Start Outside

When preparing your home for winter, it is critical that you drain the water from all your hoses and faucets outside.  No one wants to deal with busted pipes because they forgot to disconnect their hose.  Go around your home and disconnect all of your outside hoses and keep them in a safe place.  You should also clean your gutters out to prevent clogging and potential water damage.  You should check your gutters throughout the winter to make sure ice doesn’t form and cause damage.

Insulate and Seal

It is critical that you prevent cold drafts in your home, and do your best to seal all of your doors and windows.  Check your windows and apply caulking to any areas that would allow cold air to come in out of your home.  You should check your basement and attic to see if they are properly insulated to withstand the winter weather.  You will probably have to apply some extra insulation in those areas which will prevent your energy bills from increasing.

Check Your Heating Systems

Make sure that all your heating systems, including your fireplace and furnace, are working properly and are cleaned thoroughly  Check to see if you need to replace any filters so you can prevent a potential house fire.  


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