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Energy Saving Improvements That Pay You Back

By The Numbers

What? Sounds Too Good To Be True…

I’m somewhat of a skeptic as well. But energy saving improvements really are “improvements that pay you back”. In addition to making your home more comfortable and healthy, reducing energy usage needed to heat and cool your home results in savings that pay for the improvements over time. It’s simple!

How Much Time?

This varies depending on many factors such as current energy usage, insulation levels, air infiltration rate, and age of HVAC equipment. A recent customer that had attic air sealing and insulation performed will recoup their investment in 5.6 years. This is not unusual at all.

How Long Will My Payback Period Be?

This is the value of getting an energy audit performed before making any improvements. In addition to making energy saving recommendations, the cost of the improvements along with energy cost savings and payback period projections are provided. This is valuable information which helps you make an informed decision before spending your hard earned money.

What Are These Rebates I Hear About?

BGE and Potomac Edison customers can qualify for up to a $7500 Rebate from the EmPowerMD Fund through Home Performance with Energy Star Program of your respective utility. It’s funded by us customers! Look on the back of your electric bill for the EmPowerMD line item to see how much you’re contributing. As a Participating Contractor High Performance Home will identify how much your rebate will be in your Energy Audit Report. Again, you have the information needed to decide if it’s worth it.

Performance Based Contracting

High Performance Home specializes in making Maryland homes more energy efficient, comfortable and healthy. Home Energy Audits, Air Sealing, Insulation, High Efficiency HVAC Systems, we have a proven track record and many satisfied customers. We serve homes in Carroll, Frederick, Howard, Baltimore Counties.

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