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Energy Improvements

Are your energy bills increasing every year, despite turning on the air conditioning and heating less? Our Energy Audit through the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program will provide you with specific home improvements you can complete to minimize your energy usage and maximize how comfortable you are in your home. Whether you need attic insulation, new vinyl siding, more effective roofing, or windows outfitted with low-E glass, we’ll work with you to identify problem areas and correct them.

Energy Audits

High Performance Home offers $100 home energy audits for qualified BGE customers through the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program. An energy audit pinpoints exact places that your home is wasting energy and losing money. This thorough process, performed by our certified and experienced auditors, only takes 3 hours and includes a blower door test, thermal imaging, safety testing of furnaces and appliances, and detailed results explaining where your home is losing energy. Every area of energy loss, from the windows to the roof, will be explained and noted on our report. Additionally, we offer prioritized cost effective solutions, cost vs. benefit analysis, energy savings projections, and a projected payback time for our suggested improvements.

Once you look through the options and select the corrections you’d like to make, we’ll perform the recommendations and perform additional tests to make sure that they were effective. If you choose beautiful new energy-efficient vinyl windows, we’ll use thermal imaging and additional tests to make sure that they are properly sealed and reducing heat flow into or out of your home. Once the tests confirm the energy-efficient modifications are effective, we’ll help you with filing the rebate and incentive applications you are eligible for. Many BGE customers have taken advantage of rebates through the BGE Home Performance with Energy Star Program.


If your home doesn’t have enough attic insulation installed, your heating and cooling systems could be pumping air right out of your home (and taking money right out of your wallet)! BGE customers may be eligible for a rebate through the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program, and install attic or other insulation in their homes for a fraction of the typical cost. Adding attic insulation reduces heat transfer into or out of your home, depending on the season, and lowers your energy bills throughout the year.

Energy Efficiency from High Performance Home

High Performance Home has years of experience transforming Reisterstown, Ellicott City, Clarksville, and Westminster houses into gorgeous and energy-efficient homes. Whether you want Energy Star rated vinyl window replacement or a BGE Smart Energy Savers Program audit, we look forward to working with you to maximize your investment. We are passionate about ensuring that your new replacement windows keep energy bills low and your satisfaction high. To get a free quote or window inspection, give us a call at 410-635-2410 or email us today.