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Energy Saving Improvements

High Performance Home, LLC is your one-stop shop for cost effective energy saving home improvements. We perform performance based improvements to reduce costs and improve comfort based on your energy audit and the specific needs of your home to reduce your energy usage and maximize your comfort. Whether you need Insulation, Air Sealing, new high efficiency heating & cooling system (HVAC), or ventilation as an experienced, certified home performance contractor with many years’ experience and a proven track record you can rest assured these improvements will be performed correctly. Plus, the improvements we perform will meet the BGE or Potomac Edison Home Performance with Energy Star Program qualifications for Program Rebates, which can be up to $7500.

Assuring that your attic is properly ventilated, air sealed and insulated to the correct R Value is typically the most cost effective improvement you can make. Why is this? In our climate zone a very large portion of our annual energy costs for homes is heating & cooling. Warm air rises and if your attic is not insulated to the correct R value, and/or there is leakage from conditioned space to your attic, the air your’re paying to heat escapes up and out. This crates negative pressure low in the home such as around your basement or rim joists, or crawl space which draws cold outside air inside through any leakage there. This is known as Stack Effect, and creates an energy and comfort robbing cycle. The reverse happens in the summertime causing hot, humid air to infiltrate through the attic. This is why Air Sealing is so important before adding more attic insulation, and also why not addressing deficiencies in your attic and just buying new HVAC equipment misses huge savings. The new equipment may help some, but will have to work much harder than it should to maintain comfort. A properly sealed and insulated attic maximizes your heating and cooling system, be it existing or new.

Replacing old, inefficient, heating and cooling systems with new high-efficiency equipment, combined with air sealing & insulation improvements can greatly improve comfort and reduce costs. With the available rebates up to $7500 this can be an exceptionally cost effective package.

For more information on these and other improvements please use the scroll down menu on our SERVICES page. And please don’t hesitate to contact us for information, questions, or to schedule and Energy Audit.

Energy Efficiency from High Performance Home

High Performance Home has years of experience improving the comfort and energy efficiency of Reisterstown, Ellicott City, Clarksville, Frederick, Westminster, Columbia, Owings Mills, Towson, New Market, Manchester, Hampstead, Eldersburg, Mount Airy, Walkersville, homes in the BGE and Potomac Edison Home Performance with Energy Star Program. Whenever you need an energy audit, improvements, a new HVAC system we look forward to working with you to maximize your investment. We are passionate about ensuring that your improvements keep energy bills low and your satisfaction high. To get started give us a call at 410-635-2410 or email us today.