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How To Choose The Perfect Front Door For Your Home

Home Front Door Replacement

Follow these tips to pick the perfect front door for your home!front door

Whether you are renovating specific areas of your home or in the process of building one from scratch, you need to put in time and effort in choosing a front door.  Your front door is one of the first impressions guests and passersby will have regarding your home.  You need to choose a front door that provides maximum security and can withstand all of the elements.  There are several factors that go into choosing the perfect front door for your home.

Decide On A Budget

One of the most important factors for any home improvement project is determining a specific budget and making sure you don’t exceed it.  If you are replacing your front door, you are making a long-term investment into your home so you need to decide on a budget accordingly.  You should consider the long-term benefits of installing a new front door into your home, and also how much maintenance it will require to upkeep.  If your new front door positively affects the value of your home when you are ready to sell, then that should affect your budget.

The Material Matters

    • Wood: One of the most popular options among homeowners, wood doors offer traditional and natural beauty to any home.  There are a variety of species of wood doors from oak to pine to walnut, and many types come pre-painted.  You can even choose from doors that are prestained limiting chances of warping and water damage.  
    • Steel: Compared to the other materials, steel is superior in durability and security standing up well to all the element and everyday wear and tear.  You will never have to worry about your steel door cracking or warping.  Some types of steel front doors are made with an inner wood framing giving your door a more natural feel.  Steel doors come with a polyester or vinyl finish making it water resistant.
    • Fiberglass-composite: If you are looking for a low-maintenance front door for your home then fiberglass-composite is your best bet.  The material is extremely strong and durable, and it can even mimic the look and feel of solid wood.  So you can have the aesthetic benefits of wood without the extra maintenance.  




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