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5 Easy Tips on How to Save Energy In Your Home for Free

There are countless significant steps that you can take to save money and reduce the amount of energy used in your home.

There are countless significant steps that you can take to save money and reduce the amount of energy used in your home. For one, a home improvement project that people often invest in is hiring a professional to execute an energy audit. Other solutions involve air sealing the attic and crawl spaces, along with roof ventilation. However, there are small and easy steps that you can take to save energy and guess what? They won’t cost you a dime! People tend to overlook these methods because they’ve heard this advice throughout their lives, but these tips work. Or maybe these tips are unknown to you. You may discover something new as you read these five easy tips on how to reduce energy in your home and save money.

1) Turn Off Your Fans When You Aren’t In the Room

You may leave a fan on so that upon returning, you won’t walk into a hot room. However, fans blow warm air against your skin. They don’t necessarily decrease the temperature in the room. Any motorized appliance adds heat to an area because it uses electricity to run.

2) Close Your Drapes and Window Shades

Opening the windows and pulling back the shades bring in warmth. Unless it’s a particularly windy day or high traffic flows through your area, air flow may not be as plentiful as you may think. Of course, implementing natural light in any environment has many health benefits, but you may not want to open the drapes or window shades when the sun is at its peak.

3) Washing Clothes in Cooler Water

Did you know that the heat used in your washer makes up for a high percentage of the energy burned in your home? Water continually running at a high temperature consumes a lot of energy. Believe it or not, clothes get just as clean with hot or warm water as it does with cold water. There are even detergents formulated for cold rinse cycles.

4) Make Sure to Conceal Your Refrigerated Foods

A refrigerator works harder when there’s a lot of moisture. The compressor works extremely hard to keep the fridge cold. Using a plastic container saves space in the refrigerator and preserves your food longer.

5) Use Cold Water

Unless it’s a cold day and you want to warm your hands, using cold water to cook and wash your hands is best. Any form of heat burns up energy. Also, did you know that when showering, hot water strips away oils from the hair and skin? While a cold shower isn’t ideal, a slightly cooler shower could save money and improve skin and hair luster.


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