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The Top Ways in Which You Can Insulate Your Home

Overusing your HVAC systems can cause your electricity bills to skyrocket because it takes a lot of energy to heat or cool your home.

When your home becomes too hot or cold, your first instinct may be to put your HVAC systems to work. You automatically think to turn on the furnace, turn up the heater, or blast your air conditioner. Overusing your HVAC systems can cause your electricity bills to skyrocket because it takes a lot of energy to heat or cool your home. Regardless, you want the air in your home to be a comfortable temperature so you may wonder how you can achieve this goal without burning a lot of energy. There are a few ways in which you can properly insulate your home. Keep reading to discover some of the top solutions.

1) Assess Your Doors

Sealant strips are a way that you can stop your doors from losing energy. Applying sealant strips is easy. All you need to do is put down sticky tape as well as remember to use a brush trim for significant gaps and the bottoms of your door. Draught excluders can also be applied to the bottom of your doors to stop cold air or heat from coming in.

2) Make Sure That Your Windows Are Properly Insulated

Cracks and crevices around a window makes it easy for air to escape. A simple way to check if your window has cracks is to run your palm around the edge of a window to see if you can feel any air. You can use putty or a sealer to patch up a hole. If your windows are older, you may want to think about replacing them entirely.

3)Insulate Your Attic

You can use fiberglass to fill all the gaps that you may have in your attic. Fiberglass isn’t expensive to purchase and isn’t a fire hazard whatsoever. Statistically, using fiberglass to seal your attic has the potential of reducing energy by 40%!

4) Call High-Performance Home to Provide You With an Energy Audit

You may not know where to begin or understand what parts of your home are burning up the most energy. We can do that for you with an energy audit.For a reasonable price, we can not only assess the energy flow in your home, but we can see if your HVAC systems are running correctly. If you don’t have the time or knowledge, we can take care of you.


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