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Benefits of Air Sealing an Attic

The Many Benefits of Home Insulation

Air Sealing is a way to save money and energy. Unfortunately, it is a home project that some homeowners may overlook.

During the winter or the early, chillier parts of spring are good times to air seal an attic. It’s a home improvement project that some homeowners often neglect, put off, or don’t even think about. But why is this important? Your attic will be properly insulated and energy efficient. Keep reading for the reasons as to why air sealing an attic is beneficial.

What is Air Sealing

Air sealing is defined as reducing the amount of air that leaks through your home. The two methods that are often used are caulking and weatherstripping. Cracks can cause drafts in the home which isn’t recommended for ventilation. Too much air entering a home is problematic as well as not enough air. That’s why it is important to make sure your attic is air sealed.

Top Reasons Why Attics need to be Air Sealed

The number one reason to air seal an attic is to save money and energy. Another reason that people often air seal their attacks is to make sure that their homes maintain a comfortable temperature. Other reasons include noise reduction, less dust, and dirt coming into the home, prevention of ice dams, and the ability to regulate humidity and indoor quality control.

Why You Need a Professional

Air sealing your attic can indeed be a task that you can tackle by yourself. However, this do-it-yourself (d.i.y.)project is intense and takes a lot of work. You should definitely call a professional if your attic is extremely small and hard to access.

Other reasons that you may need to call in a professional is if wet and damp insulation which could indicate that you have a roof issue or other problems. Your woodwork can also be moldy which once again, can stem from a moisture related concern. If your attic has minimal ventilation, it is also advised that you call in a professional. Wiring problems can also cause fires which is one of the top dangers of doing this project yourself.


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