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How To Care For Your Wooden Deck

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Learn how to care for your wooden deck.

An important outdoor feature for any homeowner is their deck.  A backyard is the perfect place to entertain guests and just relax with your family.  An outdoor deck can be a beautiful feature and enhance the look of any property, but it still need to be properly maintained.  If you have a wooden deck, you should follow these few simple maintenance tips.

Keep It Clean

When it comes to caring for your wooden deck, you need to make sure it is clean throughout the year.  If you want to keep planters on your deck, keep them on a strong surface, such as cement block, to prevent dirt from building up.  Since we are in the middle of fall, it is important that you brushing away any leaves or debris that is on your deck. You want to trim any trees or shrubs that are close to your deck to prevent mold and rot.

Wash and Seal

One of the most important aspects of wooden deck maintenance is washing and sealing.  If you are washing and sealing your deck yourself, make sure you are doing so every few years or so.  Sealing your deck is important regardless if it is new or aged because it protects the structure from moisture and sun damage.  Make sure you are two layers of sealant with a roller, letting it dry in between layers. You can clean your deck with a hose, and use a scrub brush for any built in dirt and stains.

Inspect and Repair

When caring for your deck, it is important that you are inspecting the structure for rot and other types of  damage. Older wooden deck are more susceptible to rot, so inspect your deck frequently throughout the year. You want to inspect all of your boards and the structures underneath your deck that hold it up.  If you notice any rot on your boards, replace the piece immediately.



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