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How To Clean and Care For Your Gutters

Home Gutters

Learn how to clean and maintain your gutters properly.

Once you start to own a home, you are responsible for keeping the interior and exterior in top shape all year long.  Maintaining a home can be a lot of work especially if you have a large property, but there a couple of features you should not forget about.  Your gutters are one area of your home that should be cleaned at least twice a year and occasionally inspect for clogging after a rainstorm.  It is vital that you clean and care for your gutters properly before they clog and cause serious water damage to your home.    

Scoop and Rinse

When cleaning your rain gutters, all you need is a garden trowel or a plastic scoop, gloves, and a bucket.  Make sure to clear all of the leaves and debris away from the drain outlet and scoop them into a bucket to minimize cleanup.  After all of the debris is cleared, rinse your gutters with a high-pressure hose working the water toward the drain outlet.  You might have to use a scrub brush to get rid of any dirt that is encrusted on your gutters.

Safety First

It is critical to go through the proper precaution when you are cleaning your gutters to avoid any dangerous accidents.  Make sure the ladder you are using to get to your gutters is sturdy and placed on a firm base.  You should wear protective work gloves when scooping up debris because some gutter systems have metal screws sticking out of the bottom.  Make sure you are wearing non-slip shoes when on the ladder and don’t forget to wear safety goggles to avoid getting any dirt in your eyes.  

Inspect Thoroughly

When cleaning your gutters, check if the system is draining correctly and if you need to repair any parts.  Make sure the slope of your gutters is directing water quickly toward the downspouts.  Check if your downspouts are dispelling water far away from your home’s foundation.  If water seeps into your home’s foundation, it can cause serious damage costing your expensive repairs.  


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