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4 Energy Saving Tips For Winter

Stay warm this winter with the following energy saving tips!

Stay warm this winter with the following energy saving tips!

Every winter, you may find yourself with electric bills rising exponentially. Utilities are often one of the highest bills a renter will pay, and in winter they can rise even higher. Knowing how to help reduce your energy use can help make a big difference in your monthly bills. Keeping your costs down is easy with these few tips.

Make The Most of The Sun

Taking advantage of the natural heat of the sun is a great way to help cut down on your heating costs. On sunny days. Make sure that any south-facing windows in your home have their curtains drawn. Just make sure to close any window treatments again once the sun has set to help keep

Only Heat Rooms You Use

Heating all of the rooms in your home can result in an unnecessary risk of power. It’s likely that there are plenty of rooms in your home that aren’t always in use. For much of the day, you might find that only a few rooms, such as a living room or office, are in use. In this situation, using a space heater and keeping the overall temperature low can prevent you from wasting unneeded energy.   

Add Insulation

If your home is older, or if it is cheaper, you might find that your home is lacking in insulation which can result in hundreds of lost dollars every year. If you own your home, you may want to have a professional do a thorough check for any leaky sections of your home. If you are renting, you might try adding simple insulation from your local home improvement store. Additionally, adding weather stripping to leaky doors and windows can help keep heat inside where it belongs. You might also try adding an insulating layer to windows, there are a variety of kits that use a heat bond that can easily be added to windows.  

Switch Out Your Old Holiday Lights

If you have old, non-LED holiday lights, it may be time to replace them. Not only are lights a source of significant energy loss, but they can also emit a considerable amount of heat and break frequently. When you switch to LED’s, you’ll ensure that your lights work better for longer and can reduce the chances of a Christmas tree fire, which can be a very serious risk.


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