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4 Reasons to Add an In-Law Suite to Your Home in 2019

4 Reasons to Add an In-Law Suite to Your Home in 2019

If you haven’t decided on your home remodel project yet, one you should consider is the addition of an in-law suite.

Are you considering a home remodel project this winter? Regardless of the project you’re looking to take on, it will certainly be an investment in terms of time, energy, and cost. If you haven’t decided on your home remodel project yet, one you should consider is the addition of an in-law suite. Aside from the obvious benefits of additional living space which increases the value of your home, or a unit that could potentially be a rental, there are also emotional benefits to adding space for your extended family.


If you have aging family members, your parents or your spouse’s parents or maybe another family member, who needs to move out of their own home, building an in-law suite could be a more comfortable option for them than an assisted living facility. An in-law suite gives them the independence they need without the worry of them being alone, as they would be in their own home. But for many, being surrounded by family is more comfortable than being with strangers at a facility. If you’re designing the unit yourself, you can also make sure it has all of the amenities and comforts that your relative would need.


An in-law suite is also a less expensive option than an assisted living or nursing home facility. While the up-front cost of the remodel may seem very large to you, it will likely be much less what would be spent on a care facility, which is often tens of thousands of dollars a year.


There are lots of ways that adding an in-law suite for your relatives can be convenient for you. Holidays, for instance, become much easier when at least one set of the grandparents doesn’t need to travel or be travelled to. Having a resident grandparent can also help make life with kids easier. We don’t mean being a live-in babysitter, though it’s a great benefit when they are willing to watch the kids. Multigenerational living can have a positive influence on kids because they grow up exposed to more opinions and life experiences. Having a grandparent around also gives your kids another trusted adult to go to or confide in.


Even if you’re not looking for an immediate home for a relative, don’t discount the in-law suite as a possibility for your remodel. In-law suites are also called Guest Cottages or Accessory Dwelling Units for a reason. They can be a great place for guests to stay over, during the holidays and beyond. They can also be rented out to help cover expenses or pay off your mortgage sooner.


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