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Proper ventilation ensures the air in your home stays fresh and healthy for you and your family. Indoor air can contain high levels of moisture, gasses, dust and pollutants. To keep your indoor air safe, fresh outside air is needed. The amount and exchange rate of fresh air needed is calculated on your energy audit report and customized for your specific home.

Exhaust fans are important to have in bathrooms and kitchens. And, they should be properly vented to outside the home. For example a fan vent that terminates in the attic instead of all the way outside will introduce moisture and can cause mold and durability issues.

Part of each energy audit is checking the existing ventilation of your home. Should it need corrected or improved extending venting, installing fans, installing ventilation controls can be part of the improvements we perform for you.

During your Energy Audit, several types of ventilation were checked and tested. Bathroom exhaust fans were located, checked for proper operation and the ventilation rate was tested, as well as if the venting extended outside of your home. Exhaust for your kitchen was checked and tested as well. Whole house ventilation requirements were calculated and should your home be too tight, are recommended.

High Performance Home offers ventilation improvements such as proper venting of existing exhaust fans, replacing or installing new exhaust fans, and a very simple, cost effective solution to whole house ventilation requirements.