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The Benefits of Metal Roofing

Discover the benefits of installing metal roofing on your home!

When you’re planning your custom new home, what do you picture on the roof? Most people jump immediately to shingles, possibly with solar panels, but is there another option? Yes, there are actually several residential roofing material alternatives. One of these is metal roofing, which is less common than shingle roofs but has a lot of benefits. Plus, if you love hearing the rain on your roof, imagine what that would sound like on a metal roof?

Metal Beats Most Other Materials

Metal roofing has a much longer expected life than most other roof materials. Unlike wood, it won’t rot or succumb to fire, insects, or mildew. A properly installed metal roof should last as long as the house does. It is also lighter than many of the other common premium materials, running 50-150 pounds per square, while tile and concrete are 750 and 900 pounds per square respectively. This different in weight can mean a decrease in the required number of roof supports, saving time and money on your project.

Easy Installation

Metal roofing is constructed in multiple shingle sections, usually 12-36 inches wide, that a seasoned contractor can install quickly. This could shave a day or two off your build time over using other premium materials. Additionally, because of the way the shingles install, most metal roofing can be installed on a very gently pitched roof without fear of leaking, making the actual installation less dangerous.

Resistant to the Elements

Metal roofing panels are a hard, slippery surface and they interlock so that they are impervious to rain and snow. Even on a gentle pitch, ran and snow will slide off, and since they tend to be dark toned roofs, once the sun hits them they warm quickly to melt any remaining snow. Metal roofing is also fire resistant, and it tends to have a grade-A fire rating. Sometimes this rating is lower because while the metal is non-combustable, if it is installed over a wooden, combustable roof, the overall rating decreases.

Energy Efficient

Metal itself has a very low insulation R-value because metal conducts heat. However, metal roofing can be installed over rigid foam insulation that has a very high R-value. Combine this with the fact that metal is reflective and minimizes heat gain in the middle of the day by reflecting sunlight away form the house. All together this means that metal roofing can have a significant impact on lowering your heating and cooling costs and improving your energy efficiency.

Why Choose a High Performance Home Builder?

If you’re not exactly sure what your budget will be or the location of your homesite, that’s not a problem. An experienced sales professional can offer you expert advice and valuable information through every step of the home buying process.

High Performance Homes (HPH) sales professionals can guide you through the process of home building. HPH can provide you with a beautiful, energy efficient home that meets your needs. Contact HPH for more information.

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