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Every homeowner should be aware of all the options available for repairing or replacing the exterior of their homes.

Most homeowners are looking to create a humble abode that is attractive, energy efficient, and extremely comfortable. As a family and veteran owned business, High Performance Home, LLC provides excellent customer service with tons of experience within the exterior home remodeling and home improvement industry. If you are looking for a fully licensed, insured. full-service, certified, experienced, hands-on exterior home remodeling and home improvements company, High Performance Home is your Contractor. We specialize in making a home more beautiful, comfortable and energy efficient, while adding curb appeal and resale value. Based in Central Maryland just north of Mount Airy, we service homes in Carroll, Howard, Frederick, Western Baltimore, and Northern Montgomery Counties. The backbone of our company is to strive for excellence based on honesty, integrity, and the highest quality of customer service. The key to our success is happy customers and good relationships.

Homes go through regular wear and tear throughout the years. There would be a variety of reasons why a homeowner would be in search for an exterior home remodeling and home improvement company. Whether it’s a leaky roof or a clogged gutter, there could be a myriad of reasons why you would need to contact High Performance Home, LLC to service your home’s needs. Estimates are Free, and no high pressure sales tactics.

Roofing Services

Many homeowners will, unfortunately, suffer from needing to either replace or repair their roofs at some point while they are living in their homes. In fact, roof repair and replacement is a very common home improvement service provided. Just uttering the words “roof replacement” can cause severe panic and cold sweats in homeowners everywhere. However, at High Performance Home, LLC, we have tons of experience in roofing repairs to ensure that you are getting top-quality products with wonderful contractors who know what they are doing. As hands on builders who care about our customers, we provide exceptional customer service and professional contracting building experience. The typical roof lasts about 25 years. However, the patience required to deal with a leaky roof is quite often just a few seconds, and the water damage can be severe and expensive. High Performance Home, LLC is here for all your roofing needs!

Window Replacement Services

Do you have old, broken, or outdated windows? Look no further than High Performance Home LLC to provide you with new, energy-efficient windows that can add some aesthetic appeal to the exterior of your home. In fact, our energy saving and energy star rated windows have a transferable lifetime warranty, low E double insulated glass, and are extremely affordable. Over at High Performance Home, LLC, we provide our customers with expert installations. You can rest assured that High Performance Home, LLC will be able to provide your home with the proper installation of any new windows you choose. We understand the importance of a proper installation and take extreme care to ensure your new windows are installed correctly. In fact, here at High Performance Home, LLC we check your new windows with a Thermal Imager to make 100% sure they’re the best they can be. How many other window contractors do you know that does this?

Door Replacement Services

A new Entry Door is not only beautiful, but can add security and improve energy efficiency. New exterior doors can also add character and personality to your home’s aesthetic appeal. Opting for energy efficient materials is a great way to go green. With this trend continuing to rise, reducing your carbon footprint is easier than ever before. Not only can homeowners seek to save a ton of money on their utility bills by choosing energy efficient materials for their exterior doors, they can also help conserve precious natural resources as well. It is important to always find a door replacement that swings in the proper direction. As a result, we at High Performance Home, LLC will provide the utmost highest customer service for any door replacement needs you may require.

Siding Repair And Replacement Services

When it comes time to replace the siding of your home, there are a variety of options to choose from. In fact, if you find yourself on the fence about what to do next with any siding repair or replacement decisions, lean on High Performance Home, LLC. With the popularity of replacing siding with vinyl siding, there are many benefits that homeowners can reap just by making the switch to vinyl siding. Being easy to care for, affordable, durable, and energy efficient, vinyl siding is a wonderful way to increase the energy efficiency and transform the look of your home in no time.

Gutter Repair And Replacement Services

If you are looking to add some wow factor to your home, look no further than High Performance Home, LLC for their gutter repair and replacement services. In fact, a rainy day is a perfect time to inspect your gutters and see how they are working. The rain is a great indicator of any possible leaks, clogs, or other issues that prevent gutters from working optimally. The most obvious sign of a gutter problem is a leak or overflow. When a gutter overflows, there is usually a clog somewhere within. A clogged gutter will typically overflow within five feet of the downspout. After the downspout has been cleared of any debris, the gutter should be able to flow freely. However, it is always best to contact a professional, like the experienced people at High Performance Home, LLC to determine if the issue is more serious.

Exterior Home Remodeling Services

Providing customers with wonderful services including exterior packages, siding, windows, doors, roofing, and gutters, High Performance Home, LLC is your one stop shop for everything you could need to make your home energy efficient, beautiful, and long-lasting. We offer a variety of additional services such as outdoor kitchen installations and installing family room additions.

Outdoor Kitchens For Every Homeowner To Enjoy

Outdoor kitchens are known to add value to any home. In fact, homeowners can rest assured that they will receive a high return on their investment with an outdoor kitchen installation. As one of the most popular home renovations, outdoor kitchens have skyrocketed in popularity lately. The monetary value alone is enough to make a believer out of even the most cynical homeowner reluctant to invest in an outdoor kitchen. However, there are other benefits that come with an outdoor kitchen such as the functionality of an indoor kitchen outside. Not only is an outdoor kitchen extremely functional, it can also bring some much need aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space. As a result, a modern, well-designed outdoor kitchen is a home renovation feature that we at High Performance Home, LLC can work with you to create.

Create A Home You Love With High Performance Home, LLC

Are you in need of a new roof or gutters? Are you looking for a more energy-efficient window or door? Would you like to transform the exterior of your home? Look no further than High Performance Home, LLC. With over 38 years of professional contracting experience building, improving, remodeling, repairing, and adding on to homes and buildings, you can’t go wrong by contacting us today! We provide service to Carroll, Frederick, Howard, Western Baltimore, and Northern Montgomery Counties. Also, check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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