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Deck Design Trends

Deck Design Ideas

Get some ideas for your new deck project with the help of these deck design trends.

More and more homeowners desire to extend their living space from the inside of their home to the outdoors. Many people want to take more advantage of their property by installing patios and decks that they’ll use for relaxing, entertainment, gardening, and more. Deck design is a category of exterior design that includes the marriage between landscaping and hardscaping. Think about those features that will make your outdoor space everything that you’ve dreamed. Get started on your design ideas by checking out these deck trends.

Bring the Indoors Outside

Many homeowners want their outdoor space to be an extension of the interior of their home. More and more, the industry is seeing trends that blur the line between the inside of the home and outside. This often includes the addition of outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and even entertainment systems. Many materials often used in interior design are finding homes out on the deck. Distressed wood, for example, is one material that is being used inside and out. You can find low-maintenance composite materials that resemble the look of real distressed wood but without the maintenance needs.

Commercial to Residential

Another emerging trend is the transition from traditional residential designs to ones that more closely mimic commercial looks. This brings an elevated level of sophistication to your own backyard. Homeowners are taking more steps to make their decks look like their favorite pubs and restaurants with a mix of textures and materials. They’re also using accessories and technology that bring the elements of commercial spaces to their homes.

Using Color

The most popular colors for deck design remain hues in the brown and gray family. However, according to personal taste, many homeowners are mixing in more variations of those tones into the design. Playing with two-tone design is becoming more popular to increase the visual interest of the deck. Some brighter accent colors are also being used to draw more attention and attract more light. Think of some brighter tones that complement those browns and grays.


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