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3 Signs That You Need To Replace Your Front Door ASAP

Home Front Door Replacement

Know when it is time to invest in a new front door for your home.

Spring is officially here, so it is the perfect time to perform some seasonal maintenance around your home.  It is important to check all of the main features around your home such as your front door.  You need to have a front door that functions properly from springtime onward so that it does not let your air conditioning seep out leading to a high energy bill.  There are few signs when checking your front door that might point to you investing in a replacement door.

Water Damage

One of the main signs that you need to replace your front door is the wooden frame is suffering from water damage.  A tell-tale sign of water damage is if your wooden frame is rotting or warping. You also need to replace your front door if water is seeping through your front door and into your home.  You need to respond to this issue immediately because you do not want water damage inside your home.

Structural Damage

When inspecting your front door, it is critical that access if the specific damage can be repaired or is it more worth it to replace the entire structure.  If your door gets dents and forms rusts easily, it is better to invest in a higher quality door. Also, if you have an older door with broken locks or hinges, it might be time for a new door from High Performance Home.

Inefficient Noise Control

One of the main functions of a door is to significantly block out exterior noise from entering your home.  If you can hear what is happening right out your door clear and loudly, it might be time to invest in a new door.  The professionals at High Performance Home can take you through the best door options to block out outdoor sound.


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