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This is the first step. An Energy Audit by High Performance Home is a comprehensive assessment of your home as it relates to energy usage, comfort, and health. Using the latest in building science equipment, training, and experience we take a “whole house” approach and evaluate insulation, air infiltration rate, heating & cooling efficiency, comfort concerns, and proper ventilation. Bath & Kitchen exhaust fans are checked for proper operation and flow rate as well if they are properly vented to outside the home. A Blower Door test is performed to quantify how leaky (or tight) your home is. A home that is too leaky wastes energy and costs more while too tight is not desirable for health reasons. High Performance Home performs Thermal Imaging on every energy audit we do to locate the source of air infiltration, drafts, cold (or hot) spots. Its one thing to know your home is leaky, but so important to pinpoint where the source of leakage is located so it can be properly addressed.

You will receive a detailed energy audit report listing items & areas in need of improvement, potential energy savings, cost effective recommendations, and what your BGE or Potomac Edison Home Performance with Energy Star Program Rebate could be. Recommendations are prioritized based on cost effectiveness and your comfort concerns. The cost is only $100 for BGE & Potomac Edison customers, with a value of $400 that’s quite a bargain. But the biggest value of doing this is you will have the information needed to make an informed decision before spending money that may not work. There’s a ton of advertising out there that touts one product or another that will reduce your utility bills. An Energy Audit takes the guess work out of which product or improvement will actually benefit you.